Life Events – explained

I've been talking for a while about things going on in my life and it's time to write it down. This isn't to tell the world my business (because like three people read these anyway), but it's a therapeutic step that will help me move forward. The events I'm going to discuss all occurred in... Continue Reading →

Tough times

Unfortunately, I am overwhelmed with some extreme life things and running isn't even registering as something I'm concerned with right now. Well I can't say that I'm not concerned but it's certainly not a priority of any kind. It has been put so far on the back-burner that mold has formed. The shit I'm dealing... Continue Reading →

2019 run goal: Mid-year update

If you don't remember what my run goal for 2019 is, it's to run at least one race each month for the whole year. So far so good and half way there! Here's what has happened so far ... January: Resolve 10K - Denver, Colorado (race report) I was able to run this one with... Continue Reading →

River Jam 10K Race Report

River Jam 10K: Race Edition U.S. National Whitewater Rafting Center Charlotte, NC | July 11, 2019 This was race 7/12 for my 2019 goal! I am halfway there! I will say that this and being a healthy person able to run are the only positives of this race. This race is now in the top... Continue Reading →

Rocky Face trails: 2 Me: 1

I still haven't gotten my running mojo back - partly due to the disarray of my life, but mostly due to me being lazy. But when I finally get myself outside, it feels amazing, just as it always does and just how I knew it would. Tuesday was my third time on the trails at... Continue Reading →

Vertical Mile Challenge Race Report

Vertical Mile Challenge - June 15, 2019 Rocky Face Park | Hiddenite, NC Race 6/12 for 2019 goal! It's been a minute since I've written anything, and that's because my world has changed quite a bit in the last month. I'm now living back in my home state of North Carolina, and have a lot... Continue Reading →

Colorado Women’s Classic 10 miler

Colorado Women's Classic - 10 miler | Westminster, CO | May 12, 2019 Race 5/12 for 2019 When one chooses to sign up for a race, the results of that race will directly reflect the training you put into getting ready for it - barring any unforeseen, unfortunate circumstances. My result of this race directly... Continue Reading →

TBT: Raven Rock Rumble 10 miler (2010)

Since I have a 10 miler coming up this weekend (Colorado Women's Classic - my May race!), I thought I'd share this enthusiastic race report. I've been under the weather this week, and have been dealing with some heavy stress (which is probably why I've been sick), so I'm not expecting this weekend's race to... Continue Reading →

New Jersey 13.1 Race Report

Novo Nordisk New Jersey Half Marathon ~ Oceanport, NJ ~ April 28, 2019 Race 4/12 Fourth race of the year, COMPLETE! I have successfully ran a race each month for the year so far! It's such a fun goal and I'm having so much fun completing it! That's the point, right?! For this race, I... Continue Reading →

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