The Tale of Blue Bessie: A tribute to the BEST. CAR. EVER.

As you may or may not know, I totaled my 2007 Nissan Xterra (only 160,000+ miles) in an accident last week. While I still believe she had a few years left, maybe this was the best way for her to go? I'm not a materialistic person. I'd rather spend my money on food or traveling,... Continue Reading →


And the hits keep coming…

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! If you've read my last two posts, and are still choosing to read more, thank you for sticking with me and choosing to read the good AND the bad. We all have the good and the bad times and, folks - this is certainly my bad time. Yes, it... Continue Reading →

Getting personal

I was hesitant to write anything about this but it's my life and my blog. It isn't about running (until the end) or outdoor adventure, but I just need to write it out. I am 37 years old, married with no kids, and am currently on birth control. But you're 37, and married, and you... Continue Reading →

Working off those biscuits

Did anyone else say, "I will NOT let myself slack over the holidays.", and still slack anyway? I certainly did and gave myself a hard time over it for the first week. I realllllly wanted to keep the momentum I had going on, but just let it slip away once I got back home around... Continue Reading →

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